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10,000 plantings by 2020

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The EPA Identifies RUNOFF as the #1 Threat to the health of OUR LAKES, STREAMS & RIVERS

Because storm sewers connect streets to waterways, it is important to recognize how individual actions contribute to the health of our water.

Many of our waters—as well as our pollinators—are in trouble. The great news is YOU can help keep waters clean AND provide needed nutrition and habitat for pollinators by planting native plants in your yard.

Our cities and towns are are covered with hard surfaces that don't allow water to soak into the ground so dirty runoff is carried to nearby waters through storm sewers.

Native plants help clean water with their deep root systems that anchor soil and act as filters, collecting dirty run-off and separating out pollutants while absorbing water and decreasing flooding. Native plants also provide pollen, nectar, and housing materials to the bees, butterflies and other animals that are responsible for pollinating 1/3 of the food we eat.

Sign the pledge today and you will receive a follow-up email within a few weeks with resources near you to help you get started. Our goal is to help you plant for clean water and pollinators. And our pledge to you is that we absolutely will not spam you or sell/give your contact information. We promise.

Why Raingardens Matter

"You'll never find a bigger advocate for water quality than someone who has built a raingarden. Once you've watched the water soak into your raingarden rather than flowing to storm sewers, and see the butterflies and birds attracted to the native plants, you become a believer in the difference that one individual can make."

- Mike Isensee (Administrator of the Middle St. Croix Watershed Management Organization)

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